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We are VR  

The story of our brain activities and their outcome in the context of simulating processes


Subjector, exert from

video, 1:11 min


Mental patterns, thoughts, ideas, imagination, dreams, language, literature, sight, painting, photography, film, cultural memes and stories are all simulations.

I & I

Projection Photography on studio installation, 


Dreams- The manifestation of the subconscious, dreams as simulations

The Dream Machine, exert from

video, 2:53 min

Moving Pictures - the evolution of the camera, films as shared daydreams

Moving Pictures

video, 1:31 min

Mirror Neurons - the identification mechanism and its significance in understanding the other, empathy

Mirror Neurons Set

video, 1:23 min


Visual art - from cave paintings to CGI & VR

caveman Rap-Yoav Ruda- 1.JPG

Caveman Rap, c.u

prehistoric cave painting projected on urban texture, 2014

Language - words, sentences, paragraphs as coded virtual info


Crypro Lock

Projection Photography on studio installation, 


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