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Readymade is dead!

fake blood.jpg

Readymade is dead

Lomography projected on urban texture, 2016

Three Young British Artists meet in a pub, sounds like a beginning of a joke, well, it's not.

It's a new art movement hub.

Is that seat taken? Welcome to the club.


Switch it

Projection Photography on clay texture, 2016

Tracey Emin is still in bed,

the memory of the first night will never fade.


Fake blood ain't simply red,

A tag on the wall reads:

                          Readymade is dead!

Readymade is dead


dur: 2:13 

Better out than about

A comment to Bansky's NYC residency: Better out than in.

It feels good to take a break outside, have a drag, get some fresh air, go for a ride... It's really nice outside when your hand is stamped with a VIP card; you just slide with the tide.


Better out than about, the benefit of the doubt


Fame, the hype, the small talk, the rules of the game, there are lots of pretty girls inside, good liqueur, and great sounds.

Here it can get lonely and cold, the selector is a bitch, and the motherfucker bouncer ain't gona fold. No chance to get a glance. & there you are, hanging out with us, that's pretty cool, so why do I feel like Aprils fool?


Better out than about, the benefit of the doubt


When you're heading back in, I think I'll go for a spin. You just say to the bouncer 'he's with me, has always been'. And if it doesn't work, just  take a stake, open emergency exit for one beat, give me a break, I will definitely fit.  Better out then about is a sure hit.

Better out then about


duration: 1:45


Futuregrade, it’s a tricky trade.


Will I ever get paid?

Will my work be recognized,

or is it just gonna fade?



by Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

studio installation projected on urban texture, 2014

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