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Superspace Web, Just click & grab

Expo Fair.JPG

Wiki cult Expo fair

studio installation projected on urban texture


From the heart of the spherical lab,

Everything is connected in the cosmic dab


Second Pulse-revisited

By Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

studio installation projected on urban texture


Superspace Web deals with the nature of neural networks in various scales and contexts:

From bio networks and the brain, via computer networks, AI neural networks, social networks up to the assumed cosmic network of the SuperSymmetry theory: the Superspace Web.


All the above networks share a significant attribute: they are decentralized.


Superspace Web, Just click & grab,

Supersymmetry is a real fab

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The Biosphere ecosystem


The Biosphere ecosystem is the global network of interactions among organisms, and between organisms and their environment. The work portrays the reciprocal relations between the various biosphere elements, and the vulnerability of the system.

Self portrait

projection photography


Deep Waters Within

video, 5:02 min

Neurons Network


The human brain, with its 200 billion neurons and 125 trillion synapses in the cerebral cortex alone, is one of the most complex networks known to science; no wonder we suffer from so many glitches, who can debug such a system?



debuging the brain

By Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

studio installation projected on urban texture


World Wide Web

As numerous innovative technologies in the past, digital technologies are used both for achieving progressive and regressive goals. While the global financial market succeeds in creating a centralized environment in favor of the international corporations, the World Wide Web, at its origins, presented a decentralized, democratic, open environment.

We, netizens, have to collaborate and prevent the corporations from taking over our network. Bitcoin restores the Web's original promise of decentralization.


video, 1:11 mins


Social Networks

The digital social networks have the potential to connect us in ways that manifest our social nature. The social networks are threatened by the big internet conglomeratesDecentralized social media platform has the potential to keep the network truly open. 



studio installation projected on urban texture



Using our brains' neutral network architecture, AI made a giant leap forward. DeepDream algo explores big data of images references to portray our subconscious.   


Deepdreaming of Wiki cult Expo fair

studio installation projected on urban texture processed by DeepDream algorithm



deep dreaming of Wiki cult Expo fair-close up

studio installation projected on urban texture processed by DeepDream algorithm




After the monumental achievement in finding the Higgs Boson, CERN is upgrading the Large Hadron Collider for its next mission, finding evidence of Supersymmetry. Supersymmetry is a necessary feature of the most popular candidate for a theory of everything - superstring theory. The coordinate space exhibiting Supersymmetry consists of the ordinary space dimensions x, y, z, along with anticommuting dimensions. The supersymmetry 11 dimensions space is called Superspace.

Superspace Web

video, 1:09 min

The 11th Dimension by Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

video, 1:50 min

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