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The TAO of the TOE

Tau day

video, 00:38 min


Wellness practices, thinking and beliefs contribute to the quality of life of more and more people. For these practices (e.g: Yoga, meditation,Qigong, mindfulness…) to be fully effective, one needs to let go of ego and judgment. 

Yogs day

video: 00:58 min


A stable ground, a coherent worldview gives the individual a safe and beneficent starting point for his/her the spiritual journey. 


The traditional practices and philosophies are still relevant to our lives, but often contradict our modern skeptical thinking (e.g: reincarnation, divine intervention). 

Samsara is over

video, 01:13 min


On the other hand, modern western thinking, as it is generally perceived, is fragmented, hard to grasp and has difficulties to contain subjective and mystic experiences.  


Can we integrate the subjective spiritual experience and the objective reality to a single, simple, unified worldview that makes sense?

The TAO of the TOE

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