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AI generated, spoken-word poetry video by Yoav Ruda


THE MILK OF DREAMS, the main exhibition of the 2022 Venice Biennale, curated by Cecilia Alemani, is inspired by a book of the surreal British-born Mexican artist Leonora Carrington.

The forgotten surrealist- Leonora Carrington

animation by the BBC

THE MILK OF DREAMS challenges the Idea of ‘Men as the Center of the Universe', a majority of the artists are women and non-binar.

Agnes Denes- Occupy wall street with golden wheat

1:00 min

The exhibition focuses on three main themes


theme1: The representation of bodies and their metamorphoses

Anna Coleman Ladd

1:21 min

In my third life

video by Yoav Ruda

0:40 min


Theme2: the relationship between individuals and technologies

Meta, it ain't even beta

video by Yoav Ruda

0:59 min


Theme3: The connection between bodies and the Earth


a drone documentation of an Extinction Rebellion Protest  performance act

video by Yoav Ruda

0:58 min


The five time-capsules of the exhibition


a collection of artworks by women artists of the historical avant-garde movements, inspired by surrealism, a sphere where Identities can shift and change, following the desire for transformation and emancipation.

The muses bite back

1:20 min


Programmed Art and kinetic abstraction in the 1960s

non-linear Molnar
1:06 min

Lillian Schwartz, a pioneer of computer-mediated art, she mixed visual generative algorithms with film, organic textures, light boxes and kinetic sculpture.

remix of pixilation by Lillian Schwartz
1:21 min


The bonds between body and language 

I'm paper, I'm a sign- Tomaso Binga

0:53 min

MILLY CANAVERO possession trance drawings

0:38 min


The birth of civilization, sustenance and care

DSC06188- small.jpg

Magic Fungi

Projection Photography by Yoav Ruda



The figure of the cyborg

The Turing test

video by Yoav Ruda

0:51 min


The Interpretation of THE MILK OF DREAMS

dali eye.jpg

Eye & I

projected photography by Yoav Ruda


Updated dreams research suggests that the same areas  in the brain are active both when we act and when we dream of acting the same action.  A similar phenomenon was discovered in cognitive research, the same areas in the brains are active both when one acts and when one observes the same action performed by another. The phenomenon is called mirror neurons.

Sigmunnd's Dream

video by Yoav Ruda

2:05 min


Mirror Neural Networks are fundamental to our ability to understand each other, they are the base of our social and  learning skills, and they are major contributors to the evolution of  language and culture. The identification mechanism of Mirror Neural Networks is responsible for our compassion. We are all wired and connected via unseen strings that sync our brains.

Mirror Neurons Set

video by Yoav Ruda

0:33 min


We might assume that a similar effect happens when we read a book, when we say a word, when we imagine something. Our brains are bio simulators that constantly simulate countless scenarios. The simulated scenarios and the actual scenarios activate similar brain activity.

dali 3_edited.jpg

Dali's Tree

projected photography by Yoav Ruda


We are constantly changing, constantly evolving. Every encounter with fellow humans influences our brain's electro-chemical setup.  Every exposure to film, artwork, image, story, slightly changes us. As artists we can derive from this insight a significant point, everything that we present to our audiences actually transforms their brains, we have an obligation to make these changes positive.

William Blaks Neuton Monotype organic remix.jpg

William Blake's Neuton Monotype organic remix

Projection Photography by Yoav Ruda 


spooky action at distance’, The idea that dreams, imagination, images, stories, transform us and change the actual physical world is magical,...Traditional practices and ceremonies have used these phenomena to utilize imagination for self therapy and healing, what do we do with this effect?

Vincent painted my garden red

video by Yoav Ruda

1:48 min


Body & soul
Our bodies are hardware devices, our mind and souls are software entities. Cultural content is information coded and decoded by our brain software, running on our brain hardware. As our brain simulates the world.



Projection Photography by Yoav Ruda 


Digital technologies simulate our brains, while VR creates virtual bodies.and robotics creates synthetic bodies, AI creates synthetic souls.

More than iron

Text by Racter, an AI software published in 1984

video by Yoav Ruda

0:40 min


Our minds are all linked together to a collective consciousness, AKA culture. Our bodies are linked together to a collective ecosystem, also known as planet earth. 
Do we throw our beloved home down the drain?

it's better to rust than turn to dust.jpg

Drain the Ocean

projected photography by Yoav Ruda


Organic ethics
Can we formulate a collaborative eco-friendly world view that calls for positive action, and contributes to our well-being? 

More about Organic Ethics here.


Friday for the future

projected photography remix of found footage by Yoav Ruda


Collaborative evolution
Evolution is commonly associated with a harsh war of the species. But it is an incomplete picture. Actually, collaboration is the most fundamental attribute of the organism. Life can sustain itself and thrive only by coordination of the various components, cells, , organs and individual organism in a group . Every organism is a collaboration of numerous cells, Microbiome and virome. As a matter of fact, we can see the whole biosphere as one symbiotic ecosystem.


Darwin Tree

projected photography by Yoav Ruda


The TAO of the TOE
At Cern's LHC, scientists are looking for evidence of Supersymmetry, the leading candidate for physic's Theory Of Everything. Meanwhile we can formulate a more general principle of the nature of the development of all that exists

Superspace Web

video by Yoav Ruda

1:16 min


super evolution
Bio evolution is based on two main elements, mutations, which multiply and are random, and natural selection which is selective and deterministic.
Natural selection deterministically filters the chaotic flow of mutations and variations.

Chaos to Cosmos

video by Yoav Ruda

1:02 min


This model can be applied to all cultural evolution: language, art, mythology, storytelling, technology and internet memes.
The evolution of matter itself is based on a similar principal, chaotic expansion and deterministic natural selection. Which particle order can survive?
At the heart of the Theory of Everything is the evolutionary principal, with its two main qualities, the random expansion and the deterministic filtering.​ More here.

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