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In a post dada, post pop era, I see contemporary art as an open horizon, free of boundaries and limitations.


In my work I mix still photography, film, video, new media, quotes, samples, sound art, documentation, narrative, abstract, spoken word and poetry into a single, unified new art form.



Mutation of the Eye- Exerpt from

Projection Photography


In the Projection Photography process I shoot film/HD video, edit it, project it on textures and objects and capture it again on camera.


The technique allows me to process the image optically. The technique gives the video concrete qualities. 


Projection Photography can be seen as a documentation of a projection installation.

Projection of the mind



My work features spoken-word texts, auto narrated by Text to Speech software.


Spoken-word brings the contemporary urban language and vibrations of the street to the art sphere. The auto narration creates a twist, artificial touch to a personal text. The structured rhymed style of the text creates a contrast with the wild, abstract, freestyle images.   

Caveman Rap

Still to Animation


In some of my videos, I animate open-source archive pictures. The integration of archive-based animation with authentic quotes creates a new breed of documentary presentation.


The technique allows me to mix real and fictional quotes that challenge the viewers (I add quotation marks to the real quotes).

Talking Pictures



My work refers to the development of art as an evolutionary process. I see evolution as the key principle of the development of art, culture, science, life and matter itself.




The use of languages, reading, imagination, dreams, consumption of media, Mirror Neurons are all simulation processes. Our minds are powerful bio-electro simulators. My work refers to the simulation aspects of the various media.   

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