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 Theory oEverything

The General theory of Evolution

At Cern's LHC, scientists are looking for evidence of Supersymmetry, the leading candidate for physic's Theory Of Everything. Meanwhile we can formulate a more general principle of the nature of the development of all that exists...super evolution.


We are looking for the missing TOE,

A mystery, a quest, a wind blow



Projection Photography on studio installation

Bio evolution is based on two main elements, mutations, which multiply and are random, and natural selection which is selective and deterministic.


Natural selection deterministically filters the chaotic flow of mutations and variations.

The success of science can be attributed to its correlation with the evolutionary process, the refuting process filters the multiplying theories.

The answer my friend, is hidden in

the constant flow,

A theory of everything will shine and glow


Constant Flow

by Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

long exposure on 35 mm film, UV light

documentation of studio action

This model can be applied to all cultural evolution: language, art, mythology, storytelling, technology and internet memes.


The evolution of matter itself is based on a similar principal, chaotic expansion and deterministic natural selection. Which particle order can survive?

At the heart of the Theory of Everything is the evolutionary principal, with its two main qualities, the random expansion and the deterministic filtering.

Superspace Web

video, 1:10 mins

The TOE & the TAO


Super Evolution has some significant similarities with the Chinese TAO:

The universe is seen as being in a constant process of re-creating itself.

There are two states of qi: yin and yang, two complementary extremes that constantly play against and with each and cannot exist without the other.


Green Yin

Projection Photography on studio installation

Skeptic Spiritualism

Achieving truth is one of the main spiritual quests in most cultures.

As skepticism is a major tool in obtaining truthful knowledge, it has structured spiritual qualities.

Our culture abandoned spirituality to the grace of religion. Most secular lifestyles are functional, instrumental. Can we bring back the magic without insulting our intellectual integrity?

Logic, induction, deduction, refuting mechanism, rationalism, are all great tools to aspire to approach objective truth. But can they deal with the subjective experience? Human psych is tricky and contradictory.

Traditional Shamans used music, art, mythology and texts to communicate with our subconscious

and create therapeutic ceremonies.


Can we transcend without irrational beliefs? Can we conduct a new set of symbolic acts that inspire, console and heal, without the need for supernatural religious entities?


Red Shift

by Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

long exposure on 35 mm film, UV light

documentation of studio action

Skeptic Holism

Most new age theories suppose to combine modern and traditional thoughts in a holistic way. But a deep examination reveals that they are no more than modern dressing to traditional beliefs. They do not integrate the scientific principal of refutation.


On the other hand, in general, we can say that the western culture analytical approach fails to see the system as a whole. The disrespect to the environment, the trashy nutrition, the disregard of preventive medicine, are all examples of our inability to see the big picture.

Can we hormonally Match the skeptic and the holistic?

Can we create a new world view that deeply integrate the rational and the mystery, the conscious and the subconscious, the order and the chaos, the mutations and the natural selection, the female and the male, the Yin and the Yang?


Yet Another Burst

by Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

long exposure on 35 mm film, UV light

documentation of studio action

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