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Organic Ethics


Organic Ethics presents a collaborative eco-friendly world view that calls for positive action, and contributes to our well-being


Wiki Cult Expo Fa

Studio installation projected on urban texture,


Organic Ethics in a snap:

* new sustainable ethics for artists, storytellers, scientists, consumers and people in general

* collaboration is the most distinct attribute of the organism

* we are all connected, we are all nodes in one natural network


* our brains are bio simulators - we identify with each other via Mirror Neurons

we r miror.JPG

We R Mirror

Projection Photography on studio installation, 


At the heart of our social tendencies are Mirror Neurons.

Mirror Neurons are responsible for our identification mechanism, our learning process and our sense of compassion.

Mirror Neurons Set

video, 1:23 min


Before we dive into our collaborative future, let's have a look back at our 20th century individual past...

Sigmund's Dream- Subjector

video, 2:19 min


Organic Ethics calls for positive activism.

Can we really make a change?

Organic Ethics

video, 3:02 min


The Age of Enlightenment should have given us a sense of understanding, so why do we feel alienated, confused, lost? Just like Plato's cavemen...

the 11th dimension by Yoav Ruda & Dorn Hillel

A Scale Projection video

1:50 min

More Scale Projection here

Did people from traditional cultures suffer from the same symptoms? What did they have that we have lost? Goddess?

The 9th day

video, 2:10 min


Science's nature is skeptic and analytic, it asks questions. Can we derive from science's findings a comprehensive unified answer,

Theory oEverything?

Superspace Web

video, 1:10 min


More about the Theory of Everything here


The nature of natural networks plays a significant role in our world.

More about it on SuperSpace Web page

Van Gogh Feeling



i another.JPG

I & I

Projection Photography on studio installation, 




The human brain as a bio simulator, a VR experience

The story of our brain activities and their outcome in the context of simulating processes, told in VR technonology

more on the We R VR page

the user abuser song

video, 1:24 min

The T.O.E addresses our intellectual crises, what about our emotional fracture? Traditional art, mythology and rituals communicate directly to the subconscious. What kind of symbolic ceremonies do we have? The theater? The movies? Yoga? Football?   

Goalica by Yoav Ruda & Ron Guetta

12 channels video mapping projection

'Sounthern Lights festival, Beersheeba, 2017

Video documentation, 2:43 min

'Pop Life' by Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel.J


Digital Photography


Art as Therapy

Can art heal our wounds?



Lomography projected on urban texture, 2014

Remember when art was meant to inspire?

Remember music?

The Bumpy Road to the Top

film, video,stop motion

2:09 min

Projection Photography on studio installation


Art Creation > my favorite meditation

>> Xpress Yourself

Xpress Yourself

video, 3:55 min


I can hear the wall talks...

The Wall Talks

video, 1:10 min


a24joy in repetition.jpg

Joy in Repetition

photo collage projected on urban texture, 2014

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