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Caveman Rap

a tribute to self-expression, from the ancient cave paintings to the contemporary street art

Caveman Rap.jpg

Caveman Rap,

prehistoric cave painting projected on urban texture, 2014

Xpress yourself with paint,

Easing the pain, debugging the brain

Legalize Medical Graffiti.jpg


lomography, 2005

Xpress yourself with tone, down to the bone

Caveman Rap

video, 2014

Xpress yourself with rhymes,

it's all nickels and dimes

Dizzy Feeling.JPG

Dizzy feeling

found footage projected on urban texture, 2014

Get on your feet and Xpress yourself with a beat

Brick Lane Stencil

video, 2014

Juvenile delinquency,

Xpress yourself with frequency


drum & bass

photo collage projected on urban texture, 2014

Ready to crack?

Xpress yourself with a hack

Xpress yourself

video, 2014

Cutting edges and hard core,

Xpress yourself with a projector

Legalize Medical Graffiti-projected.JPG

Legallize revisited

lomography projected on urban texture, 2014

The Wall Talks

video, 2014

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