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by Yoav Ruda & Ron Guetta

a site-specific, 12-channels video projection mapping work, exhibited at the 2017 Southern Lights Festival in Be'er Sheva.


Goalica Projection mapping documentation

video, 2:43 min

The images were projected on and around an amphitheater bulding.

An audio-visual journey that celebrates the theatrical sports spectacles from the birth of the theater in ancient Greece, through the gladiators fights at the Colosseum up to the current Beer Sheba football championship.


part 1

The body culture, the body of culture 

Goalica main channel, part 1

video, 2:43 min


part 2

injury time, time's injuries


Goalica main channel, part 2

video, 4:23 min


part 3

illogic logica


Goalica main channel, part 3

video, 3:37 min


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