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January 2024

Yoav Ruda's PHOTOTYPES, a solo show curated by Vardi Kahanahas been exhibited at Orit Vashdi Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. visit the gallery site for more information and a Viewing room.

Installation view of PHOTOTYPES at Orit Vashdi Galley, January 2024

Ruda works in Various media: photography, art-video, VJing, documentary films, video mapping, TV and more.



Projection Mapping Photography by Yoav Ruda 


Novenber 2023
‘Wood Wide Web’ by Yoav Ruda and Ron Guetta won the Insight Award of 2023 Ideathon, Organized by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan.

Mirror neurons 3.png

Mirror Neurons

Projection Mapping Photography by Yoav Ruda 


Ruda creates live visuals for Israeli top musicians, among them: Berry Sakharof, FortiSakharof, Ehud Banai, Dani Sanderson, Mashina and more.

No Name

video by Yoav Ruda

0:57 min 


October 2022
‘Robo rights’ by dubbb (Yoav Ruda..:) won the Async Visual-Audio Awards by Apenft.

Vincent painted my garden red

video by Yoav Ruda

1:42 min


September 2022
‘Rude Stone’ by Yoav Ruda has been exhibited at the ‘CRYPTO ART WEEK ASIA' festival.

Rude Stone

video by Yoav Ruda

1:01 min


Robert Smalls  tribute

video by Yoav Ruda

1:01 min


October 2021
‘Tomorrow never knows’ by Yoav Ruda has been exhibited at the ‘WOW Summit' NFT Exhibition in Dubai.

Tomorrow never knows

video by Yoav Ruda

0:42 min


October 2021
‘Beats & bites’’ by Yoav Ruda has been participating in the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, tāctus.

The Bumpy Road to the Top

film, video, stop motion

2:09 min

February 2021

Two of Yoav Ruda's works have been exhibited at ETHDenver 2021 Art Gallery curated by Annie Phillips.

Wear a damn mask

video by Yoav Ruda

0:53 min


April 2020 

Ruda's audio-visual essay, 'We R Viral' is published on Tohu Magazine, check it out here



Hockney's Spring Deep House Remix

Projection Photography by Yoav Ruda 


In 2017, Moving Pictures by Yoav Ruda screened at the 8th NYC Independent Film Festival.



Projection Photography by Yoav Ruda 



excerpt from ‘Beats & Bites’

video by Yoav Ruda

0:45 min


a17space is the place.jpg

Space is the Place

NASA image projected on studio installation 

In 2017 Ruda created two multi channel site-specific Video Mapping works with Ron Guetta:

Goalica by Yoav Ruda & Ron Guetta

12-channels video mapping projection

'Southern Lights festival, Be'er-Sheva, 2017

Video documentation, 2:43 min

Entrance Through the Emergency Exit exhibition documentation


In 2014, following his winning of the Neo:Artprize2013, Ruda exhibited a solo show at Neoartists Gallery in Bolton UK, curated by Mike Chavez-Dawson.


pop eye

Lomography Projection on broken glass, 2016

In 2013-2014, Ruda's work, the 'Dream Machine', participated in The LumenPrizea, world tour of an international digital art exhibition.

Sigmund's Dream

Video, 2:05 min


In 2012 ‘Scale Projection’ exhibited in UICA, Grand Rapids MI. ‘Scale Projection’ by Yoav Ruda and Doron Hillel is a video art installation that is based on video projection on readymade objects.


Scale Projection by Dorn Hillel & Yoav Ruda

Projection Photography on studio installation,


More Scale Projection here

In 2010, ‘Money & I’ by Yoav Ruda won the second prize in Bitfilm, an international digital film festival.



Another day, another dollar

Lomography 2006

I can hear the wall talks

lomography projected on urban texture, 2014

Yoav Ruda's works have been exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Bloomfield Science Museum of Jerusalem, New York Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow and more.

Talking Pictures

Video, 1:36 min


Yoav developed a video series based on auto-narrated Spoken-word texts, Projection Photography, and animation of public-domain still photographs. 


In the dark room

video, 2:10 min


view from a window.jpg

view from a window-revisited,

Projection Photography, 2016



studio installation projected on urban texture


City Lights

video, 1:57 min


Close Encounter of the 5th kind- cut lig

Close Encounter of the 5th Kind

by Yoav Ruda & Doron Hillel

studio installation projected on urban texture 


Business Unusual

0:24 mins 

Projection Photography video


Moving Pictures-revisited

Projection Photography on clay texture 


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